Todays world

the world today is governed by one thing.


interestingly enough, we do more to get possessions than we do peace of mind. come on ... we all do it.

compared to a few years ago, i have very few possessions. things change. we change. darn right i want more. but i have to realize that i cant have everything.

today being christmas ... as i have been for many years in the past, im spending it by myself. i didnt say alone.

i have what i have. i would like more. is that gunna make EVERYTHING different ? no ... its not.

my house is clean, my cats sleeping, my laundry is done and i got a meal planned for today. do i want more ... sure i do. but again, its not gunna change what is.

you can have all the toys in the world but if your not happy, they are a waste of money.

be happy for what you have. pray for the things you need and dont spend all your energy wishing for what you could have. if its meant to be ......

I know exactly what you are saying.

I actually am very glad to say I am in a good place right now for myself. I am happy because of the people I have in my life who are supporting me and the potential I have in my life at the moment..

Interestingly enough.. because of this I am actually going through my stuff, giving things away, throwing things away and getting rid of mental baggage along w/ physical baggage. Because I am in a good place at the moment I am actually able to get rid of the greed which has been plaguing me for years.

Good luck to you. I hope that one day you can get the more that you want by having more happiness.

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