Tomorrow is Today, but it doesn't have to be Yesterday

Breaking the cycle is really a small movement, a choice.
Its the hours and the days that follow when I must learn new behaviors to deal with actually feeling..the truth of my feelings is what seems unbearable, dramatic, overwhelming, all encompassing and forever- they are not..they pass.
Simple but not easy.
Its been 92 days without cocaine, marijuana, and alcohol.
6 days abstinent from a sex addiction.
Almost a year since I've seen the person I'm heart sick over losing to my addictions.
We haven't spoken in almost 5 months.
I pray that the desire to live and not just crawl through time in fear and timidity returns..

Marc23, CONGRATULATIONS on being clean for 93 strong days, that's absolutely amazing and I am so so so proud of you. I think that you are so incredibly strong. Please stay on this strong path and keep sharing with us.