Tomorrow's the quit day

Hi Everyone

I am stopping smoking tomorrow I have the patches at the ready. quite scared actually know that sounds silly but can't believe how much I depend on cigs. How long have you all quit for and any advice for me.

Dear friend, you have a huge victory, decision to stop smoking. It is not an easy task. With time you will know what works for you. Go easy on yourself. It will happen. God bless you always.

Louise, GOOD JOB, I need to do that too, its killing me, I stopped for 3 days a few times through the years. I understand its in my head & an addiction & I kept my hands as busy a possible. Lets us know how its going.

Take care of you.


Hi Louise, How are you with stopping smoking? I understand your feelings of being scared. I went through that when I stopped drinking and then again stopped smoking. We are giving up "friends" who have been there for us through all times. It can be scary stepping out on faith without them but once we do we will realize they weren't really our "friends" at all. I hope you are doing well. Keep checking in and letting us know how you are doing. We are here for you. (((( hugs))))