Tonight my husband is being the perfect husband and treating

Tonight my husband is being the perfect husband and treating me like I am the only one that matters. Where was this before the affair?! Why do I get this treatment after the effed it all up?!?! I love my husband, I really do but WHY do I matter now and I didn't before. Hard pill to swallow.

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He feels bad about f---ing it all up this is his way to make it better,

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I know he feels bad. He tells me he how sorry he is all the time. I am just hoping that one day I can look past his mistakes and fully be able to trust him again.

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@betrayedbyhim. If you really want to work the things out in your marriage you have to trully forgive him and try to forget the past. Its hard i know but if he is being nice to you and you suddenly get mad because of the past then it will be a battle that is hard to win.

My therapist has said to try to feel good in the moment. Appreciate where your relationship is right now. What's past is past. So easy to say it. Very hard to live it. I think you have every right to have that conversation with your husband. I have had it with my wife. I've told her how appreciative I am for her actions but sometimes it feels awkward or forced to me b/c of the affair. My wife knows she's completely screwed up my head so she really tries hard to make me feel comfortable. She'll even ask if I'm okay with something and we'll talk through it. It's so hard not to dwell on the past.

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Right!? Where was this faithful, loving, respectful, helpful husband?! I know, bc mine now sees what he lost sight of during the affair.

It is very hard to live in the moment because I do dwell about the past.

@betrayedbyhim I know it is. I dwell there too. Ruinedbylove reminded me of Lot’s wife and how she was destroyed by looking back. But I continue to look back. I may become a pillar of salt one day.

I read this post to my wh and he said he got slapped with a dose of reality. He is in pain too but he knows he caused it all.

I guess is a good thing that he really feels sorry and if he is nice to you its a proof of it. My ex husband wanst really sorry about his affair. He did change but not enough to proof that he regretted his affair.

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