Too many

I guess ever since i was a little girl I've had problems.. i was sexually abused at the age of 5 i never told anyone about it until about a year ago. I got addicted to drugs at the beginning of summer.. i got depressed and addicted to cutting and hurting myself in sixth grade, i started attempting suicide when i was in seventh grade, the beginning of my freshman year i began starving myself and making myself throw up.. I've been doing much better than i ever have.. i stopped doing drugs and drinking, i rarely make myself throw up or starve myself anymore. i still hurt myself.. but i haven't attempted in a while..

WOW AND WOW, you've done a GREAT job getting over things i'm proud of you. Now it's time to stop hurting yourself with all the other things you've quit you can do it.

Always remember the abuse was not your fault, you didn't ask for it. I'm not sure but you may still be able to make a police report on it. If you can do it, getting some pay back is great and you'll prevent this from happening to some other kid. I know it won't change what happened to you but you'll get some justice.

Again great job and i am proud of you.

i did get a police report, but it's been too long to do anything they told be. He's already 22 so he's too old for them to do anything sadly.. i've overcome that though and learned how much it's not my fault.. occasionally i break down about it but i've been doing a whole lot better. I've been doing my best to stop hurting myself and i've come to a point where i rarely do it, but i still do and i'd like to stop.