Too quiet.....come on Gals ...what is happening are y

Too quiet.....come on Gals ...what is happening are you feeling these days ?

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Ok so you guys know I moved away from the cheater, and I wanna spruce up the new place.....on a budget. I was thinking just a little paint job to start. Now what is a colour that is friendly, warm and calming and a little cheery? I have never done much of this type of stuff....not really we lived in places that were new to me.

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@STANLEY065 hey there. That sounds like fun. I’m always doing projects. I am cleaning out a room right now and redoing the floor. I’m not very good at decorating but I’m trying. So I painted my bedroom a soft blue color. Blue is calming. There’s many shades. So you can go with a light or dark. For the bedroom.

And then of course you want something bright in the kitchen if you’re going to do the kitchen. And something calm for the living room I would think. But yeah I’m not really good at decorating. I wish I was.

You can get things from Amazon or you can go to a hardware store and look around. I’m not good at being on a budget either.… LOL…

Hello Stanley065, how are you today?

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@bebobaBetty Hi Betty. I have alot of pain, today so did not get far, I managed some small chores. My legs are having a hard time carrying me. How are you ? Are your legs bad today? How is the memorey recall.? I am here for you when you need to talk, ok…lots of well wishes to YOU.!!!