Too smart

I applied for assistance due to the fact that I've had a terrible time holding myself together to keep a job and support my kids. Currently unemployed and worried. My "Dr's" reply to the determination board was to deny based on the fact that the level of my intelligence is too high for me to not be working. In the next breath she told me that she was worried that the meds weren't working right and that if I didn't call in and report what was going on with me every few days she would make me come in every day.

Could someone explain to me how it is that my doctor overlooked the chapter that states that someone's level of intelligence is inconsequential when dealing with a chemical brain disorder?

Apparently I'm smart enough not to break down crying in the middle of the store during my shift for no apparent reason.

i am the same way at times. i have had a rach job for over 4months. it seems that my bipler and adhd is getting in the way of jobs. some understand others dont. hang in there!get the help, meds, doctors or therapists advice. keep going to groups, you get the support and others to talk to

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