Too Stressed

Things have been building up at work. I am so stressed out, I feel Like I never get credit for the things I do right but when i do something wrong the whole world knows it and everyone just focuses on that. I have been at my job for two years I really enjoy what I do until recently. To top it all off the guy that just broke up with me works where I work and after a month is dating a girl that is married to someome else.. She is on her second marriage and has two kids, less than a month after we broke up they started dating and she left her kids to move in with him. There is many other parts to this story. I just get more and more stressed every time I see them together or hear stories about them together. I don't know what I should do cause that adds stress to my job. I have just been so stressed lately with all this and just felt like posted this... I don't know what I expect to get from writing this I guess.. So thanks for listening

Hi Stef, thanks so much for sharing with us. I am so sorry for the stress that you are going through, though it seems that you may be in need of a change for the benefit of your life both personally and professionally. Having your ex there in your face daily seems quite difficult to deal with and not feeling good in your job is another added layer.

Can you possibly start to look for employment elsewhere to start?