Too to much pain!

Of all the things i had to put up with, i gave my all to this man to be let down
I actually caught him with another girl. hurting so much but i left ad im pregnant with his kid. Im hurt. ****

**** mama, ****. I'm here for you. I know it hurts. You wanted so much with him, he is to be the father of your child and look what he has done. Don't take this personal and focus on your future for you and your child. I know it's hard, I know you must feel deserted. I'm sorry he didn't stay true to you and your unborn child. You have to figure a way past this and before your baby gets here. You are worth soooo much, so much more. Stay strong, stay focused. Do not be his victim, do not be a victim to his selfishness. You are a woman, a strong woman. Forgive baby, it is the hardest thing to do, but forgive him and then forgive you. You loved him, you stayed true to you and your child, you did right. He fucked up and if he wants to come back, there better be an intervention. How dare that mofo creep like that, he should have been home with you. ****, I'm sorry, I'm so sorry. You don't need him. I wish you didn't have to deal with this while your baby is in your womb. Try to stay positive for you and your baby. Don't let him get the best of you. Keep your head up, smile, there was a beginning with him but now it is the end and you have more important things to worry about than his trifflin ***. I'm here for you and I'll pray. Remember you need to love you and your baby now.