Total B is coming out STRONG

Hey Everyone,

I am new here and think I have landed some where that may help. I am 44 years old and have been married for 26 years. My whole life I have been a care giver. Stay at home mother, wife and took care of my father through a long illness until he passed away. After he passed we moved on and built a new home and I started working full time (love my job). Over the last of year I have noticed the hot flashes, not sleeping, terrible periods, no sex drive and moodiness. This month almost no period at all, just spotting. But all the others are on overdrive

I have always had a strong personality and been a strong person. Lately I hate who I am becoming. I am a TOTAL B. I just want to be left alone, read my books and not have to care or talk to anyone. I actually told my husband that why I still loved him, I didnt think I was "in love" with him anymore. Yeck I dont even love myself right now. People walk around on egg shells around me. One minute I am ok, the next I may rip you into little tiny pieces. My husband seems to be my main target. God forbid he get sick and need me. I literally do not think I have a compassionate bone left in my body. Gave all I could when my dad was ill.

Awhile back my doc did try some hormone precriptions. Seem to help my moods but sent my blood pressure through the roof. Had to stop right away.
Have an appointment with a new doc on the seventh, female, hopefully she will have alittle better insight.

Thanks for listening, so glad to here I am not alone!

Hi Jackie-

Sorry that everything seems a bit out of wack right now, but your hormones are going a bit haywire and your allowed to feel a bit off kilter. There are a lot of natural rememedies that you can use to stave off some of these lovely side effects, here is a great website with a lot of info that you might find useful:

You might want to warn those around you that you are going through a difficult time, namely your husband, and ask for a little bit of space. Guys tend to blame themselves, so knowing that he isn't the issue here might make for a better relationship.

Yoga is also great in helping fight some of the side effects,, plus it is relaxing and gives you some time for reflection and some "me time."

Glad you found the site, let me know if I can offer support in any way in the future!


Hi Jackie,

I just found this site ... and yours is the first thing I have read. I can so relate!! I hate who menOpause is turning me into. I think people think I am making this up, the brain fuzz .. memory freeze ... the raging moods ...

Been married for 8 years to a man i once thought was wonderful .. now with the rage ... i see the flaws and have increasingly less tolerance for them, with each passing day.

I would rather not share this with my adult children who are my friends, or my friends either don't think a single one could keep their mouths shut if their lives depended on it, dont want it shared all over town .. and of course can't talk to husband about this because most of my irritation is with him ... sisters are out... so that leave only me ... and i am about to implode.

Glad i found this site .. hope to gain insight and be of help at the same time. Thanks for sharing and being the first post i have read.

Take Care YOU!

Hi Jackie,
I just joined this site & can relate with the mood swings so much. I am 48 years old & have been going through perimenopause for quite a few years. Have had the hot flashes, night sweats, weird periods but am now experiencing some severe mood swings. I also have lost interest in sex & men just generally piss me off! Like you, I tend to prefer being left alone. I have found some natural remedies that have helped (one called Fem Med & another called HRT by Swiss Naturals) & have also decided to go to a few counselling sessions because my friends (most of them alot younger than me) don't understand what I'm going through at all. After my first counselling session, I learned that this time of life is a good time to "clean house" apparently will help you age healthier. I know alot of people don't have the money for counselling and it's just a suggestion. I will see how I feel after a few more sessions.
It's good to find a place where we can air what we're going through & the feelings/emotions that go along with it. Seems to me that no one really understands unless they have been through it or are going through it.