Totally new here. I guess I'd better start somewhere. I'm 15

Totally new here. I guess I'd better start somewhere. I'm 15. I've been emotionally abused by my parents all my life. I am constantly held to unattainable expectations, criticized, and told over and over again I shouldn't be here, worthless. Every day I come home from school and immediately, just by walking in the door, I have already done something wrong. I have fallen into a bought with depression as a result. Every day is an uphill battle. I'm sure many of you can relate. But in short, life sucks.

I came here because I'm sure there are others like me. Others who have been emotionally abused, and wonder each day why they're here. Others who have never heard the words, "I love you" from the one person whom society says is supposed to love you no matter what. Others who want to stand up, but can't.

That's about it. I'm totally new here, as I said. I have no idea how this works. I hope this was an acceptable post.

Hi Dreamer and welcome to the site. I am also a victim of emotional abuse. Please don't allow your parents to define who you are. You are not who they make you out to be. Only you know who you really are. I can tell you that you are lovable and that there is nothing wrong with you. It took me many years to figure this out but you are not the one with the problem they are. They are the ones that don't have the common sense or decency to tell you and show you how much they love you. You're here to live your own life and become the person you know in your heart you are. Have you ever talked to a school counselor about this or do you have a adult in your life you can turn to? What your parents are doing to is very cruel but trust me when I tell you that you do have a purpose here and one day you will find happiness. I'm so sorry you are going through this. I am so happy you have found this site. If you scroll down to the bottom of this page and click on the FAQ it will tell you everything you need to know in regards to navigating this site. I feel your pain. We have a teen group here that you may want to check out if you haven't already. Hugs :))

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Hello Dreamer!
I want to start by telling how proud I am of you for having the courage to even come here to share your story. I myself in wanting acceptance from my parents who lived in two separate homes. I can feel what your feeling because i’ve been there as a young lady your age. I can clearly recall never being hugged or told they loved me or supported me for anything I did, but they sure knew how to do one of two things which was scold or ignore me. I went in search of getting what I didn’t get from them by seeking any attention I could outside of home but that just led to a lifetime of mistakes and regrets. Please and I repeat, Please know that you a a beautiful, worthwhile young lady and you have so much life ahead of you! Don’t let anyone take that from you! I’d have to agree with the previous comment about talking to your school counselor to see if they can provide any help or resources for you. It may also be helpful to see if there are any groups or clubs just for young women in your community. I joined a young ladies group when I was younger and the woman who ran it was like a second mom to me and many others. She made us feel loved and important even when no one else did. In the mean time, try to stay strong and think as positive as you can. I’m sending a big HUG your way from afar and you can reach out to me if you ever need to talk!