Treating this disorder IS POSSIBLE. i have gotten better OVE

treating this disorder IS POSSIBLE. i have gotten better OVERNIGHT. please respond if you'd like to know how.


@NY123 it is invasive. it will hurt. it is still hurting me. but it’s to tell yourself you are gay… the cure is to give in to your thoughts. to let them flow. because they are only thoughts, not real life. if we let them flow, they cannot hurt us. we need to keep telling ourselves we are in fact gay, until our minds get so bored and tired of hearing this lie. i know not everyone is ready, but i personally have found this to be very affective in the past couple of days. i just keep telling myself “yup i am gay.” and it makes me less anxious because it makes me realize how funny these thoughts actually are. let me
know your opinion. thanks.

id like to know please

@needadvice1 read above, xx

I started accepting it last night and honestly I felt better! I still have worries and honestly I know it won't disappear overnight because this has been going on for so long for me. I started watching coming out videos and it also made me feel better. Less anxiety when I just let the HOCD go and accept the unknown.

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I'm not really sure how to accept it? How do you go about doing this? Ugh it scares me but it's so stupid, I'm pretty sure I am in love with someone of the opposite sex but I am still obsessing!

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