Hey everyone! I'm sorry it's been so long, i've just had so much going on and so many things have been happening. I decided to tell psycologist here at uni who helped me find a treatment center. It is going to be tough and i'm scared but I have to do this for myself and my family (who i finally told about my bulimia). I just need support right now. I am scared and ashamed and are afraid my new medical providers are going to hate me and think I am too fat to be there and send me away. I am already worried about what I am going to wear the first time I go and how i'm going to be looked at. I just need to get this all out of my head. It hurts so much and I can't live the rest of my life like this. Anyone care to share some treatment stories? Oh and i've already had my first experience with a med who does not know how to talk to someone with an ED. "That's bad for you you should stop" did not make me feel good. Hope everyone is doing well!!

Sonrasis, isn't it horrific when someone doesnt in the medical field doesnt know how to talk/treat someone with an ED? I had doctors tell me, 'just eat' (ohh, gee, thanks! really...just eat?! If it were that easy would i not be doing that already?!) I've most recently also had a shrink tell me that he agreed that I needed to lose weight (as much as i say to the contrary, i am not overweight and really dont need to lose any)'s frustrating!!! I totally understand!!

Right? I literally told the first medi ever like 2 weeks ago and i've already had an experience. It just makes me doubt that this is even worth it and that people aren't going to take it seriously... i'm trying so hard :( Hope you're doing well!! (sorry that you had to hear that. I'm sure you're beautiful apparently your shrink is insensitive)

He's no longer my shrink, thank god!!!!! I have found one who specializes in ED's, he was in utter disgust when i told him what the last one said. Good ones do exist, its just it takes time to weed through them.
ED's do not look a certain way, and I think deep down you know that. I do completely get what you're feeling tho. I went on a tour of the hospital i will be doing my inpatient and outpatient care at, and i saw the group of patients eating their lunch in a room together, and all i could think was how much thinner they were then me. Its human nature, but size does NOT determine the severity of our disorder, we ALL deserve help ♥

Thanks so much. Its a crazy disease and its nice to know i'm not alone. I feel like I know that but in a way I can not accept it yet. Good luck with recovery and stay strong! Keep in touch!

Please keep me updated :)

Will do :)

Has anyone done outpatient individual therapy? I refused group because I am too ashamed to show other people my face and blatantly talk about my ED yet.