**Trigger Alert** Someone talk to me. I don't have my dog o

**Trigger Alert**
Someone talk to me. I don't have my dog or cat, and no one else is speaking to me. I'm so lonely and just don't know how to go on.

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I read your other posts and it seems plenty of people are commenting on them, offering support and willing to talk to you. You have a lot of supporters here, but it doesn't seem like it's helping you at all or changing how you feel. What other help are you seeking? SG is great but it's not a substitute for professional help if it's needed.

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Ok never mind just thought I'd try. The people that have talked have made me feel pretty bad. I'm sorry guys I'll just leave you all alone for good.

I hope you are ok? I'm a good listener.

"The people that have talked have made me feel pretty bad." What people? I've read all the comments to your posts and there have been no negative comments I can see. If there were they've since been deleted, and all of the responses left are 100% positive. So what's the problem?

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We all care about you but know I think everyone is getting concerned that there has been no response from you I mean it concerns me I hope you are ok and maybe just having a bad moment........but you are not alone and from what I have read also there are several here who wanna talk to you.......SG has helped me greatly I just encourage you to give it a chance and let us know what's wrong plus nobody is going to judge you at all

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@mikerahevar You are new, aren’t you? You can post, what you want to. What’s wrong? We are here for you, you don’t have to be afraid… We are all friends here! Remember you’re not alone, SG friends are here, to support, and be supported. Be strong the best is yet, to follow…

Hi Meredith_1991 im a good listener

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so how are you doing now, i hope talking with some of the people who offered has helped

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It seems like every time I post someone has something bad to say about me.

no one has anything bad to say about you Meredith we’re here to support you

Please be cautious of members who try to lure people into private messaging. There has been a a rash of it on these groups and it can be very dangerous. If a member tries to get personal information from you, including your name, phone number, address or email address, please report them immediately to SG. This reminder is especially for the female members as they have been targeted lately by these kind of attempts. Also if a member tries to quickly get you into private messaging rather than keeping it on the public groups, question this. It is a red flag.

@wahlecoyote I know what you mean I have seen guys try to lure girls for wrong reasons myself

totally agree about personal info report to sg. and definitely be very cautious about pm's if you're in any way vulnerable to manipulation or have trouble ending conversations when things seem odd or unpleasant. That said, strictly in and of itself I wouldn't call it a bad thing as many people prefer one on one contact and some more open people are comfortable doing that quickly. the important thing is just to know yourself and what suits you well while avoiding any potential vulnerabilities you may have.

@Northguy Thank you Northguy but I am speaking specifically about members quickly inviting to PM to give support. What you are describing is when members are more comfortable asking for support in PM. The comparison is polar opposite. Perhaps I should have been more clear on that in my original post.

Yeah I have seen a couple of people ask women to go straight to private message and that bothers me

Well that's fine its when guys try and lure girls into private messaging if you are shy that cool and wanna support and just message I was just talking about some guys I have seen try for wrong reasons is all I was saying

@Yellowrose10 Yeah this is why I barely get on here.

Yeah I know but I was......well I will just be quiet on this one

As you can see, you're getting tons of support. A lot of people are trying to talk to you and support you. We're kind of at a loss at this point as far as what to say to you to make you feel better because you're shutting everyone down whenever we try. Maybe you could tell us a little bit more about yourself and that would help us help you?

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