TRIGGER i feel like just not living anymore i got this em

i feel like just not living anymore
i got this email from my school and its making me only think of the worst possible scenario of who this person was.
back story:
when i was at the age of seven to the age of 14 i was raped by a person that used to live with me and my family. bc of threats it happened nearly every day and he left for Nebraska to live with his sister and the sheriffs department in my county almost had him but i found out that he was jumping states and when i got this email i thought that the person who took almost half of my life had come back to follow through with his threats or to try to do it again in case whoever is reading this is wondering this is what the email said:
Dear Parents, Students & Staff,
The Sheriff Department has met with and is investigating an unidentified man who was in our High School parking lot. When initially asked to leave our parking lot, he would not identify himself to our school administrators and as such, our local Sheriff Department apprehended him.
He has been asked to leave our county area and the Sheriff Department has contacted other local agencies.
Our students and staff are safe and we did not experience any dangerous or unsafe situations. However, we will remain vigilant when we experience situations such as this. Thank you to our local Sheriff Department for helping to keep our schools and students safe.

now i feel like im in danger and that there is no point in living if this guy is just going to take my life anyway

The point of living to to show the person that he doesn't win, that you are strong, and can fight past that part in your life.

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thanks im glad that i have you to say somethimg like that

Your welcome, I don't like to hear about when somebody goes through something like this because I went through it myself.

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yeah its weard that the people who give the best advice are the ones who are hurting the most

From Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder to Rape & Sexual Assault