** Trigger ** I really just want to kill myself this year is going to be j

I really just want to kill myself this year is going to be just as bad as the last one

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Same here I hate to say it..but when you feel youd be better of dead that's just how I feel.I don't enjoy my life and I just won a be at peace.selfish I no but it gone behond repair.

Feeling much the same but was feeling this way last year. I'm still here and so are you. Crazy isn't it?

I'm going crazy I've had so many triggers I'm surprised very surprised..

good thing i wont be here much longer

Why you not planning anything are you

You no I can't save myself..but I would if I could save another.

Sure you will, it's not that easy to get out. Trust me. Just think of life as an adventure.
It ends eventually so might as well go along for the ride.

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@Napless that’s the way I see it! I’m gonna ride it out I wanna be dead but I will be there tomorrow fighting the pain there’s plenty of time to be dead later lol might as well try to enjoy it now while here

I wish I had some adventure to end.
My life feels empty pointless worthless and non assistant.

Where you from.
I'm in the uk

I'm in the USA..New Jersey.
Where in the UK?

Nottinghamshire...near Sherwood forest you heard of robin hood yah?

I am sorry that you think this way.
What happened?
Try to look at your glass half full and not half empty.

@ahmed.elhelow I try to make things better but I always end up where I started. I have literally no friends anymore and I can barely function in school. I probably will just end up back at a psychiatric hospital again.

Yes I have...ha,ha ha.. I have been in the UK a few times but not in several years. So tell me, why such an empty life. Are you like me? I tend to not let people get close to me so I know lots of people yet I am always alone.

Yes napless I didn't realise I was chatting to two of you..I do apologize.
I really don't want anyone in my life I've kinda shut myself of..I can't handle it relationships I just can't cope any more.

@Janeyhop I get that. After awhile it just takes too much energy. Every now and then I figure I should let down my guard and try but I never can keep it up for too long. I guess prefer being alone but I’m not sure it’s healthy, in the emotional sense.
No one to share with…good things, bad things whatever.

Yes I have my own place money to feed myself beautiful parents. But that doesn't stop my head from hurting it doesn't help me sleep at night it doesn't help or stop me feeling and looking at myself and seeing nothing but a image in the mirror looking back at me saying who the hell are you.

im just going to kill myself so i dont have to go through another year