** Trigger ** I really just want to kill myself this year is going to be j

@crk16 ph don’t do that. Your life can change in a minute. Stick put another day, then think about it. If it’s still bad try one more day.

Hey What's the weather like where your from.

Just trying to change the subject and lighten the mood…

Yah just like we feel my friend.
I was just saying to my mom the other day about talking to people on this support group site.
That chatting to people who are suffering The same way as me can they really help and support me.
It's crazy cause I can I encourage you or others when I'm feeling the bloody same way.
Does that make sense it probably doesn't sound nice but it's kinda true...isn't it..crk16@

@Janeyhop im not good at giving advice

That's ok I'm no good , at taking it.
How you feeling now crk16@

@Janeyhop pretty bad

you don't want to do that

@Ck80211 none of us really want to do it. That’s why we’re here. Agreed?

It can't be as bad as hearing God dame rats in caverty of my bedroom walls my 2 cats are going nuts. Haha

I’m laid in bed and I can hear them running g up and down the inside of the walls and ceiling.it’s freaking me out got to wait after the holidays before anything can be done.

Ha I no but they can't get to them so there driving me crazy trying to.

@Janeyhop so that’s why you are awake at this hour.

Honestly if I'm not chatting to you good people I feel the same and still don't like who i am and Still don't want to be here...but while I'm on here it takes my own thoughts away and I think about others.

I can’t sleep…plus neighbours partying banging doors loud music…it’s drives me mad and with the way I’m feeling I wouldn’t think twice about taking my self round there and going mad at them I sometimes loose control.

You ok sweety

@Janeyhop im fine

@crk16 Hi I just want to say if you need anything I am the same age as you and we can talk I am sure that we can be friends we can share stories and all of that if you like I don't mind having a girl as a friend most of my friends are guys I will even give you my personal email to you can message me I would think that was cool

@Tosh where are you from?

@crk16 I don't know you. But I have felt the same as you have. I've sat in my room and considered suicide and I have attempted it twice and whilst I am lying in bed feeling the pain from my actions, I have regretted every moment of it, I didn't think straight before the action or after it. I had to lie in a hospital bed with drips connected to me. DON'T DO IT!! It isn't the right choice. I might not know you but I'm always here for you.

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