*trigger warning* Can someone help me cope with relationsh

*trigger warning*
Can someone help me cope with relationships? They make me suicidal.

What is it in the relationship that you feel is triggering you to feel this way love?
PLease take a deep breath before you begin focusing on plans.

@Kaynn anytime I start getting too involved with a guy, these insecurities about him leaving take over.
Every time he doesnt reply immediately or doesn’t respond in a manner i would expect, i start to feel like ive done something.
I just start losing my mind over this. Cant function anymore.

Although, this guy and I decided its not going to work out mutually because I was shifting to another city, I was ready to give it a shot. He wasnt. So I couldnt impose myself on him.

His behavior is also quite confusing, i dont understand it.
Sometimes he wants in, sometimes he doesnt care. He has his own moods.

And with my mood fluctuations, its difficult to keep up with things.

Things arent great at home. I had been away for college for 5 years. Now im back. And i feel extremely low most of the time. And i cant get suicidal thoughts off of my mind.

Relationships just add to these thoughts.