***Trigger Warning*** feeling very suicidal tonight, feeling

***Trigger Warning*** feeling very suicidal tonight, feeling like im having a mental breakdown hear and don't know how to make it stop

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Deep breaths . Stretching . You can get through this

dont let negative thoughts enter your mind!

i just to feel like anything mattered anymore i don't

what do you feel right now?

lost, unsafe, sad, angry

Please, please call the Suicide Hot Line @ 800-273-8255. You need to talk with someone. My son died by suicide 16 years ago and I wish he had called the hot line. I have a suggestion for you but you need not take my advice. My daughter and I have a beautiful page on face book with lots of wonderful information about depression and suicide. We have many followers. Neither of us are professionals, but we both know what it's like to be really depressed and wanting to die. If you have a face book account on the top left there is a place to type in the name of the page. It is: Died By Suicide: In Memory Of David A Dill. I sure do pray you talk to a professional at the hot line.

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i just want to feel better and not like this

@Chntbrnkr have u seen a therapist? Or anyone like that about the way u r feeling?

anything in particular which has made you feel this way?

@Dana15 the last couple of days I’ve been trying to find reasons to help a suicadal friend and I’m coming so empty and i feel like maybe it’s me that’s the problem not her

Chnt, I went through this 2 weekends ago and checked into a behavioral health facility, it really helped me get balanced. You should think about doing something similar.

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I can't know for sure but maybe you need to encourage your friend to get professional help and remove yourself from the situation to see if you feel any better. A strong energy like your friends can affect you in a way you've not felt before. It happened to me once and when I pulled away my mood lifted.

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@Dana15 she’s seeing a therapist see the trouble is she just had a friendship break up right before we met which like me throw her depression into overdrive i feel like i can’t leave her because that will be the strw the breaks the camel’s back, i just don’t know what to do