****Trigger Warning**** I cut for the first time yesterday

****Trigger Warning****
I cut for the first time yesterday in years. I have been battling depression for almost my whole life and its gotten alot worse due to many changes in my life recently. I got put on a second antidepressant and it doesnt seem to be helping. I have been in my bed for almost a week now. Ive barely eaten. I eat maybe one meal a day. im just tired. i didnt choose to be this way, yet I cant seem to get past it.

You are neglecting rule #1. Don't prevent yourself from eating. That is what caused you to self harm. Don't let your mind plays games with you. You will be in a withdrawal and have symptoms of depression. It is typical. I been there myself. Look for ways to distract. I suggest drawing, reading, or repeating the song lyrics to a song you like. That is what helped me. But everyone has different forms for dealing with distraction. Best of luck