**Trigger Warning** I cut myself sometimes when I'm about r

**Trigger Warning**
I cut myself sometimes when I'm about ready to give up just so I can stop thinking about the suicide and focus on the pain I'm inflecting on myself. I remind myself there is far worse pain in the world than the ones I'm facing but than I think to myself this pain is only worse because I'm hurting myself without lifting a blade to my body

Louisa, you need some support..family and or friends to provide some company. Do you have anyone who can hug you and stay by your side? Whatever you do sweetie you must not suicide. People who have near death experiences come back to tell the tale that it is wrong. It should not happen. Treat your beautiful body with kindness like you would a small baby or pet. You are SO valuable even though you do not feel it. We are here for you. How are you feeling now?