***Trigger Warning*** I hate when I'm told that I only cut

***Trigger Warning***
I hate when I'm told that I only cut for attention or I cut cause I'm crazy. I wish I could make the people that say these things understand that I'm cutting because of the way they have hurt me. The more I'm hurt the more I cut to feel relaxed again. If only I had a family member or someone close to talk to that could understand even a little

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I know what's you mean. I'm a cutter for so many years. I'm sure there are people who cut for attention, but I know you are not and I'm not either. I consider self harm as an unhealthy coping mechanism, and there are reasons to self harm, you are certainly not crazy. Trust me, you are not alone. I've been there and I'm still struggling. You said, "The more I'm hurt the more I cut to feel relaxed" I know this feeling. You feel good when you cut because your body releases the chemicals called endorphins.

Thank you it feels good to know I'm not alone

@Reddy i’ve been a cutter for over four years now i know what you’re gong through its hell, i’ve kept myself busy drawing tattoo ideas and things like that to keep my hands moving and mind focused on something other than harming myself. i recommend trying something similar. This method has helped me for about 2 months now, the thoughts will be there for a while you may have slip ups now and then but it wont be as bad as it used to be i promise you

You are not alone at all. Please know you are safe and accepted here. I am here ifyou ever want to talk.