***Trigger Warning*** I’ve been sad lately and so lonely,

***Trigger Warning***
I’ve been sad lately and so lonely, I miss my friends (they live in another country), I’ve been in a real bad mental state they were the only ones that made me want to live and made me happy, but now that their far away from me I don’t know if I can handle it. The worst is that I want to tell them how I’m feeling and all the bad stuff, but how can I tell them that I want to die everyday and that I started cutting myself. I don’t want to get them worried and yet I feel a urge to tell them , but it’s better this way because I wouldn’t stop cutting and would’ve just be stressing them

Reach out to them it’s important to have people who care about you know what’s going on. If thier good friends they will try and help you through this tough spot. It’s not an inconvenience to someone to make sure their friend is ok. Let them know and build a support group to talk to

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@Phagenic yes, I would want my friend to tell me if they were suffering. It helps me when people listen and care. We all need someone to share our experiences with, good and bad.