***Trigger Warning*** Its a new year.. For the past 13 yea***Trigger Warning*** Its a new year.. For the past 13

***Trigger Warning***
Its a new year.. For the past 13 years I had to deal with the fact that I may never get better.. I promise myself every year since my first year that I wouldn't let my depression/Anxiety get the best of me.. But sadly ever year i struggle,fail,survice and just about everyday I'm reminded why I should just let go I know what I'm doing I know the pain it will cause the people who actually give a **** about me but they have to understand that I'm not strong enough anymore and that would be my first lie this new year is that I'm still strong

You ARE strong. You know how I know that? Because you are here. Don't let go, because even though after in year passes and you feel like you are not getting any better or happier, you will wake up one day and be happy to be alive. I can guarantee you, that will be the best feeling in the world. Are you on any medication for anxiety or depression? Do you talk to anybody, like a doctor or counsellor?

@iregretit I’ve had numerous people put me on meds due to depression and anxiety and after awhile I stopped talking to others in fear that they will eitheirr leave or abandon me. Recently I opened up a little to a close friend and my only recent add on to my anxiety is that he doesn’t think any different or leave because of what I told him

Well I enjoy knowing I'm not so alone in this world thank you