***Trigger Warning*** I've thought about suicide a lot to

***Trigger Warning***
I've thought about suicide a lot
today. I've had that voice say do it for a while but never took it seriously, I always just pressed on. But I gotta say that voice sounded more sane today. I know my life isn't complete sh!t but when everything piles on with no break it just pushes u to consider that voice more and more. I'd say I'm still a couple of miles from the very end but I feel like I got a bit closer today

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Hey what's going on?

Dont do it . Think of one thing you are garteful for in your life right now. Think of something you will like to do next year. Think of a goal you will like to reach next year. Think God . God is love

you are not supposed to die...yet. That will happen soon enough by itself. So why don't you go on the ride so you can see what happens. If your life was a movie don't you want to see how it turns out? Any way of not allowing so many things to pile on top of you?

I know how you feel I've had a really rough 12 months and thought it was getting better but seems not... Just do your best to get through this period of time. No one wants you dead.

Thank you all for your concern I was just feeling a bit overwhelmed with a lot but I am feeling a lot better now. I hope everyone is ok

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@JR11223 We, SG friends are here for you. Remember you are not alone, I am here, and so are SG friends to support, and be supported. My thoughts, and prayers are with you. Hugs my friend…