***Trigger Warning*** There is a world that is black and wh

***Trigger Warning***
There is a world that is black and white, but not to everyone because not everyone lives in this would. Only one creature lives in this world, or at least it feels alone in this colorless world filled with shadows and voices. The only other colour it can see are the red eyes that follow it, reminding it of all the pain it's felt in the past, no matter where it hides. Everyone looks at it strangely because they don't understand why it distances itself from society and choses to not communicate with others. It wears only long-sleeved shirts to hide the scars on its arms and a hood to hide the tears and pain in its eyes. Nobody understands this creature, but yet it doesn't seem to completely know itself either. It tries to help everyone it can but people take it for granted and still judge. It makes many mistakes and it keeps track of every one with deep cuts on it's arms so it never forgets what it did wrong, so maybe it will no make the same mistakes again. It hides its sadness from others because it feels that nobody would understand, or would even care. Darkness surrounds this creature but it would never tell anyone, because it's too afraid to explain why it's so different from everyone else, so it uses a mask to hide the pain, just as it uses the hood and shirts to hide the physical pain. The creature lives its life hiding its true self, hoping one day maybe the pain will will end when it drifts asleep and never awakens from its dreams that are filled with colour and joy.

Thank you for sharing.i hope you sleep well tonight.

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@Littleturtle1000 it’s just kind of a reflection of how I feel.