***TRIGGER WARNING*** This is my story of a rape that took

This is my story of a rape that took place at my job. The director told me to meet with him in his office and on the way down to the main floor everything was normal until he decided to forcibly push me into a private bathroom. He pushed my face into the tile floor and pinned my hands behind my back. Then he forced his way inside of me. Everything after that is mainly a blur except when he said that if I screamed he'd make sure that was the last thing I ever do.

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Truly sorry you had to go through that. I hope that you had the courage to turn that a**hole in and somebody took it seriously. I've never been raped before so I don't know what you went went through/what you're going through right now, but if you ever need to talk about it, feel free to message me if it helps.
Wishing you the best in recovery :)

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@RedBeldam Work is taking the report very seriously and it’s under review right now.


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So so so wrong that this happened to you... g*d! so sorry. If you weren't able to remove yourself from that employment, I hope you were at least able to function in your daily life until you were able to process your next step. I truly hope this 'criminal' ended up prosecuted?
How is your recovery going today?

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@Littlesis7, My recovery is going well. Staff are keeping mE separated from him as much as possible while they conduct an internal investigation. I go to therapy on Wednesday and am feeling good about it. I’m a corrections officer on top of this so now if he touches me again, he dishonors the badge. And he also commits a crime against a law official. He isn’t prosecuted yet but will be.

Holy puck!!! What the hell is wrong with people. I am so sorry that happened to you. Did you report him and prosecute? That puck deserves to be under the jail. That is so awful. I can't believe how messed up some people are!

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@Askhsorry read your response to lil sis after my post. So good I hope he fries!!

@Askh, @RedBeldam, @Littlesis7, and @Jordan5683
He will get his in the end because there's another staff that he victimized and she can't get out of this job. In fact everything she reported him for, he made sure that she paid the fines that were due to him. There was another person that was considered almost victimized by him because even though she had a coffee in her hand; he said that the coffee in his office is way better than the other coffee and invited her into his office! She had a gut feeling and basically said f*ck no and left the situation. I told her my story and was brief about the other coworker although I didn't mention names or details because it's not my place.

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@BlackLily That’s all great to hear. I hope everything works out for the best. Also glad that you’re feeling better.