*** Trigger Warning *** Ummm honestly i don’t know what to

*** Trigger Warning *** Ummm honestly i don’t know what to do any more It seems like self harm is all I have right now and I was doing good for a year but now it’s all I can think about when ever I’m stressed or depressed or angry or anything all I can think about is cutting its like this little voice in the back of my head telling me to cut no matter how big or small the problem is and most of the time I listen and I try to fight the urge but I can’t but I can’t tell anyone because every body thinks im getting better but the whole time I’ve only been getting worse I just got better at hiding it and I know my best friend is disappointed in me so what else can I do !!

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Hey, you can always post on here and message people when you have bad urges. How are you doing today?

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@Jordan5683 heyyy sorry I just seen this but not so good I cut today a lot and now I’m stuck wearing sweats for a while but I am currently looking for therapy .

@CKBlossom hey sorry just seen this but I tried talking about it and I was in and out of hospitals also I was always getting checked for cuts anywhere but they don’t look anymore so yeah and yeah I have tried therapy for a little while but now I’m looking for a new therapist.

If you every want to talk about, what is bothering you or what every is on your mind, my DM's are open.
Please Note: It might take me a bit to get back, with you.
But I will.

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There are some fairly effective techniques for dealing with intrusive and unwanted thoughts, but they aren't always easy to master. It helps a lot to have a counsellor or therapist. There are also online courses some of which are listed in the http://sites.google.com/site/sgselfharmstuff page. Don't give up on yourself, but don't be afraid to ask for help! You are welcome here, and we hope we can give you some of what you need.

There's an app you can download for free, it's called Calm Harm. It might help.
We believe in you.

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@geminigirl369 Thanks for the info.