***trigger warning*** ummm I have no one to talk to so I gue

***trigger warning*** ummm I have no one to talk to so I guess ill just talk on here. But im at the bottom again. The very bottom. I just don't know what to do with myself anymore. I cut again and its pretty deep and I honestly don't know what the do. Ive never went so deep but i was so numb doing it. i dont talk to my therapist until friday but i need to now.

Do u need stitches? Is the cut still bleeding? Is it split wide open or appears to be deep? Did u use a sterile blade when you cut?

@Destiny2020 umm idk it is still bleeding but drying at the same time. i can see where the skin is split and its like white inside. uh i used this kitchen knife that you cut vegies with

Your not able to bring the skin together on both sides of you try to pinch it closed? Is it too wide for the edges to meet? If your seeing white it could mean you cut through the first layers to the dermis or fat. A kitchen knife isn’t sterile either unless u ran it under a lighter but even then that’s not ideal. U might need a tetanus shot if u haven’t had one in awhile. If it looks really open or deep and u can see inside it then go to urgent care and get some stitches.

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@Destiny2020 idk i think ill be fine but thank u