Trigger warning - uncomfortable sexual material Lately it h

Trigger warning - uncomfortable sexual material
Lately it has occurred to me that none of the people I am close with have any idea of the things that I have survived. I don't really think I need to tell them, it honestly feels like a past life although sometimes I do think it would be great if I could share with them.
Brings me to now, which is why these groups are so great. I don't know any of you, so I feel quite comfortable sharing this story.
When I was about 12 I had gone through some traumatic stuff. But I was in a bowling club with other kids. There was a girl my age in the club and her dad was a coach. I knew he was "friendly" with the girls but just figured he was being fun. I didn't have a dad and I guess at first I didn't recognize him as a predator. Anyway, I pushed to get to sleep over at this girls house, despite the fact she seemed to be unsure of having people over. It started off with her mom and dad deciding he should sleep downstairs while I was sleeping over, while me and my friend slept upstairs in her room. Odd. But anyway, during the night her dad came into the room. He was exposed. He was pulling himself out of his boxers. My friend jumped up and ran to him saying no don't do this. He tried to push past her. He was attempting to get to me and I can only assume what his intentions were. She physically had to push him and beg him to leave. Thankfully he finally did. He tried to be overly friendly with me at the bowling alley after that and I told him to never come near me again. I told him I would tell everyone, including the police, if he ever came near me. Im proud of that, but I now look back and realize my friend was probably in jeopardy and also my other friends on the league. It makes me disgusted now. I even rethought about times when I think he had been grooming me and my fellow friends and may have been trying to "feel me" when giving side hugs.
I just wanted to get this off my mind tonight and I really didn't have any other place to vent. Thanks!

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jeez. Yea I think your friend has been through it thats why she was trying to protect you from him. I dont know how old you are, but if you can tell your school at least, that will be helpful to stop future kids being around him. You can still do something.

We are all grown now and I have no idea where they are. I do wonder if there were others. I had heard he tried to walk in on a girl while she was showering. I never heard anything else about him or their family. I quit the club a few yrs later- I moved on to different activities and then graduated from high school. I went to college. Now I’m just able to gain understanding after growing up and learning about the world. Hein sight is 20/20 or at least less of a mystery.