Trigger warning*** Was at umass last night met a girl, but I

Trigger warning*** Was at umass last night met a girl, but I don't feel like it's who I am anymore, they say it's fluid. I can say I'm gay, why!

sorry to avoid the main point but which umass campus were you at? my brother goes to umass amherst!! anyway, you're able to say "you're gay" because it's what hocd wants you to think. actually, the more you tell yourself that you are gay, the more you'll be able to desensitize yourself to it and the faster you can get over these thoughts! don't try to contradict the thoughts. I know it's hard but you just need to let them be and not question why they're there or if they're true. it'll hurt but you need to be proactive in recovery.

@dixie425 I went to umass Amherst haha

Pretty much what she said.
However there's really no proof to fluidity either. Seems like women are more likely to be fluid and men are pretty much locked in at 15. Preferences are not the same as orientation though. Since preferences can change but orientation cannot.

@jdd it’s all over the Internet and people saying all over that is fluid

This is so weird I go to UMass Amherst! I didn't think there was anyone in my area with hocd.

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@ocdsuck729 damn that’s crazy ha

Why wouldn't you be able to say it? It is just a sentence, actors say it all the time. There is no power in words, if we don't attach meaning to them. I understand, that you feel confused by the fact, that there is no barrier in your mind that is preventing you from saying a sentence, but that conclusion in itself is already so ocd-bs. I had similar issues, i was so weirded out by the fact, that there are no bounds. The fact that i would be physical able to go out and sex a dude, if not for the sole reason, that i don't want to, was - perhaps still is - a point that made me feel ill at ease. I was always thinking that "not wanting to" is not enough, that there had to be a barrier, but there is no barrier, you not wanting to is enough.

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