Trigger warning. What is stopping me

Trigger warning.
What is stopping me.

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Oh my goodness! I have fought the idea that I tried to die on this day. I have said how I was only trying to understand to help another person. All this time I truly thought the overdose was accidental. But this post proves that I was wrong. I'm sick to my stomach right now. What was I thinking? I'm disgusted by my actions. By my belief that I did so with good intentions. I truly hope my new therapist is helpful. Because doing what I did and now knowing I did it for my own selfish reasons has created one shameful horrible Soul. To think I've been trying to offer support. What a hypocrite. I am sorry you guys. Very sorry. I will find a way to once and for all recover and become a real positive loving person. Strength to you all

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@Still02 I think you should stop being so hard on yourself. Just feeling so much guilt and self-blame can make not only your view of yourself worse, but it can depress you even more and make you more hopeless. We can’t blame ourselves so much even if it is our faults. I’m not blaming you and I don’t feel like anyone else here is blaming you. Mistakes are there to help us learn and grow. And by how you talk, other than the guilt and loathing, you seem to be learning and growing. And you’re still alive. So it’s a second chance. That’s a good thing. I’m glad you’re here.

It's times like now that I wonder why I am still here. What is my purpose? I'm not in a bad way right now I just wonder Why.