ok. hold on for a rant.
so i have a coworker who constantly has 'hard foods' to eat in her lunch...FOR EXAMPLE...(I am totally heated right now as it is happening only a few feet away from me in this moment!!!!) She always brings in a BAG - A BIG BAG - of CARROTS and at least one if not TWO APPLES... let me tell you... this woman, bless her heart, has OCD and is slightly...mmmmm....particular in her food habits. Not really food rituals, just particular. Well, everyday she pulls out her huge FREAKIN bag of carrots and chomp chomp chomps away. The echo of carrot chomping cam be heard throughout our offices!! I even have a coworker who we email back and forth during her lunch expressing our 'frustration' over the noise... THEN just when the bag of carrots is finished... out come the apples! CHOMP CHOMP CHOMP on the apples! All the way down to the CORE!! AND THEN she has two cups of yogurt and she SCRAPS SCRAPS SCRAPS the bottoms of the cups making sure she gets ALL the FREAKIN yogurt!! I just want to yell...LICK IT ALREADY!!

I am so stinkin' frustrated! It's been happening for months and not it's more like an office joke than a serious issue... but it is SO SUPER TRIGGERING to me! I get disgusted at her eating behaviors and WANT NOTHING to do with eating at that point!

I've tried going for a walk while she eats, moving to another part of the office, using headphones to listen to a sound machine or music and finally just sitting through it to push myself to get over it! But nothing is working and I REALLY don't want to be like 'hey, bugs bunny... i need you to cut it out with the gallon bag of carrots!!' There's so many other OCD behaviors she has that drive me nuts... but the eating is something that is super bothersome.. PLUS i NEED to be working at my desk - I don't have a choice!!! How can I address this without offending her or anyone else because of my own 'personal issues' And i feel like the more time that goes by - the worst it's going to get and then she's ganna be offended that we, I, never said anything!!!

I can't handle this right now! My anxiety is SUPER HIGH!!

hahaha... i love me a good rant :)

have you tried talking to HR? maybe you can address the situation there, and your HR can then relay the message and you can stay anonymous. I mean, she should be doing that on a break, maybe away from the working area.

that's what i'd do.

well, that's what i would do if i felt comfortable with my HR person... but i don't.

oh oh oh! this would help me when i get anxious and stressed at work,




Does your workplace offer a break room or lunch area, or do you guys just eat right there at your desks? If there is a break room, this could be as easy as asking her to please eat in the break room, as her lunch breaks are distracting to those trying to do their work. Or maybe just ask the manager to make the office a "no-food" zone and ask everyone to take their lunch breaks elsewhere.

If there is no break room or the above ideas are not possible and everyone eats at their desks, a conversation still needs to happen. It's work, it's community space, and each person's needs are just as important as the next person's. She deserves to eat whatever food she wants, but you also deserve a quiet work area. You each are employees and deserve a comfortable working environment.

If you feel uncomfortable talking to her, ask your manager to mediate a conversation or an HR person like misst advised. All I can say is that the sooner you say something the better. The last thing you want is to just explode one day and scream "SHUT THE F@%$ UP!!" or walk over and chuck her lunch bag out the window. Granted, that might be effective, but probably not the best route.


You always make me laugh! Funny how working in such close proximity to others can bring out the REALLY SUPER annoying things we all do! :) When I worked in a cubicle, it was really annoying to hear others talk on the phone. I could predict what different people would say at different times! Ha! And I know my space heater drove THEM nuts! But I was FREEZING!! :P

Anyway, I agree with Heather! ♥ A conversation may need to take place, privately and respectfully. :) Yes, she has the right to eat whatever she wants. But you, too, have the right to work at your desk without being bothered by her eating habits.

Take care of you!



I love this rant as well, and understand it too! Like Miss Heather, taking some action now, while you can still approach it with some level of control (?) is better than waiting. I would also bet that you are not the only one who is bothered by this woman's eating habits!
HUGS...Jan ♥

youcould always get her a juicer.. :) but she would pry slurp that up.
:) this made me smile as well!! im sorry I do understand I get annoyed with my mom eating potato chips, she has dentures.. and the sound of fake teeth chewing chips, is enough to make me want to pull my own hair out.

Hahahhhahahahha I'm so glad I have friends who understand!!!


That is an AWESOME answer!! ♥ Funny! :D



Noise reduction head phones SILENCE IS GOLDEN. P.S. They do work.

NO the worst is my co-worker who can't stop popping her gum and tapping her fingers./.... LOL

hahahahaha that must be quite tedious, molly



GOSH i wonder if anybody ever complained about something i did.. theres pry a forum right now talking about that one girl, who ...
complained all the time about her mom eating chips with dentures! ... :)
you all rock

LOL! :)

Totally get this my friend eating so loud can hear her from the other room plus she chew with her mouth open it drives me mad I tried telling her and it stopes for a awhile but it did not stop for long enegh maybe try talking to her of have someone else talk to her good luck if all else fail get your self some ear plugs love leah

HAHA! This made me laugh! Chomp Chomp Chomp and Scrap, scrap, scrap...I loved the way you put it!

Now to get serious though...i totaly get how this good be so annoying and triggering and i would agree with Heather that a conversation needs to be made and a solution that takes into account everyones needs and feelings should be found. When there are many people working together in the same area, people need to consider both their own needs and those of others and find some middle ground, because we are not all the same...

I know at my work, my one co worker has a bit of a sweet tooth, (actually ALOT) and he would always come back after lunch with some cake or another from the bakery. He started bring me some too and when i politely told him that i really wasnt into sweets and though i apreciated his gesture i really didnt want to eat cake everyday after lunch he thought i was from another planet and insisted on trying to get me to eat them anyway... It was hard enough to see him walk in everday with the cakes, i had to sit and listen to him ooohhhing and aaahhing to express how much he enjoyed it, as he tried to get me to understand what i was missing!!!!. It became intolerable and in the end i had a long talk with our supervisor who was super understanding and sent out a memo requesting that food be eating during the specified breaks, and if for some reason someone wants to eat something at there office during non specified times to please do it discreetly.

I think he got a little offended cause to my relief, i havent been offered a cake in a while :) :) and he doesnt bring them in everyday like before, when he does though he is pretty discreet about it.

Thanks for all the suggestions! We've 'kinda' talked about it as an office staff but more in the 'we can all sympothize cause it's annoying' way!!! I've tried headphones in the office i share with her AND down the hall in a 'borrowed' office.... Still can hear the CHOMP CHOMP CHOMP.... HR's office is in a totally different town (we have remote office locations) We all enjoy, and sometimes HAVE to eat at our desk just to get work done so there's not really a lunch break culture (although this is adding to my 'sip coffee, no need to eat' routine) I feel this woman would feel totally attacked and offended cause it's painfully obvious she's the only one causing issues... i've tried to go for walks during lunch... but the bag of carrots can come out at any time of the DAY!!!!

LOL it's hysterical and awful all at the same time! Now I started taking carrots and hiding them in my coworkers desks just to be funny... it's like a huge internal joke but still i feel that i could snap on any given day! BUGS BUNNY!!!! KNOCK IT OFF!!!! I'm GANAN SHOVE THAT FREAKIN CARROT UP YOUR NOSE!!!

I wonder, does she know shes driving people nuts? If i knew i was driving people crazy (besides my family) Id be totally embarassed!!
I was reading thru this post today, reminded of a certain time... and you all know im quirky as hell,
so I have to share this..
its funny what some people, notice, and some do not.
my husbands fathers best friend paul..
I noticed, this man MOANS when he eats.. I mean it sounds like... xrated.
I thought at first he was joking. so I was sitting there, all smiles.. but my smile faded, as it kept going. and going...
then we all finished eating. and it happened again, the next meal we had together.
heres the kicker!!
I said to casey, my husband, paul sure enjoys, his food.." he said, "yes it was very good today" I then said,
paul really enjoys it!"" he looked at me like I was crazy!
my husband then 26,
had never. noticed this about the family friend. he has known him his entire life!they shared many meals together..
he didnt even know what I was talking about.
of course the next meal he did notice. and now forever. will always, hear "the moaning"...
(its a joke now)
(clarice have the lambs stopped screaming????))

Casey... has the paul stopped moaning??))

have a beautiful day ladies!! (i didnt mean to hyjack) but hoped it made a few smile today

Lots of smiles, Cadbury!! ♥ Hilarious!! :D