Truly humbled

I've already said this once but I feel compelled to say it again. Thank you so much to everyone on this site that has helped keep me grounded and has truly given me new lease on life. To see the outpouring of support from one stranger to another is an amazing act to witness. I'm completely humbled right now experiencing all that I am on this site alone. A million times...thank you so much for the kind words of encouragement during my journey so far! There's no better way of showing my gratitude than to also help anyone I can with their struggles. None of us are alone!

het d gf kissy kissy and hugy hugy can't help but love ya, your just really neat and a million your welcomes. i say the same as there are many that have kept living another day with there kindness and the honor of being able to help them. so see sweet d gf you help me with every post to! have a great day honey!