Truth gloriousness and wretchedness

*the truth you believe and cling to makes you unavailable to hear anything new.*

*gloriousness and wretchedness need each other. one inspires us, the other softens us.*

~pema chodron
i do so love when someone, esp a tibetan buddhist teacher, can word the things WE ALREADY KNOW so beautifully and simply. it's like shining the first light of the dawning day onto something so white-noise familiar it becomes transformed into the precious shining jewel after which we are all seeking.

at least that is what pema does for me:
my truth DOES make me unavailable in so MANY ways...
it is also VERY difficult for me to see the value in wretchedness...

thank you, pema, for your human compassion.
and thank you, sisterhood, for checking in on me...

I miss you and I love you Fairy godmother. I hope you are doing well. Hang in there. You inspire me.

Amy!! ♥ Wow!! :) I'm stealing that quote! :)

Love you, friend!!


yeah, i love that pema... don't think her particular hair-do would work on me.....but i digress. :) her very-relatable teachings have touched me quite personally.

how are you kasee???
how was your opening day of school, jen?