"Truth of Self." . When you look in the mirror, What do y

"Truth of Self."
When you look in the mirror,
What do you see?
Do you like many avoid it at all costs?
Afraid to see the reflection?
Do you see yourself?
The real you?
Or do you see the lies you have told yourself?
That you tell others?
Do you see your own perception of you?
Or do you like so many,
See what others have convinced you you are?
I have worked very hard,
All my days,
To look in that mirror,
Fear be damned.
And when I look,
I see me.
Not the lies I tell myself.
Not the opinions of others,
For I understand,
I define me.
That for me is not in question.
The only question for me,
Will I see the truth,
The man I am,
Have been.
The accomplishments,
The flaws,
The beautiful light,
The grotesque sins.
I keep looking,
There is no hiding.
I don't try or have to convince myself who I am.
I know.
It's not an easy thing.
But for me it's vital.
I can throw out words,
Yet I understand,
In this mirror,
Or in this life,
Words are cheap,
I can call myself a man of honor,
But do my actions support those words?
Surely that is the hard part.
I've always known this.
My words,
Without the actions behind them,
Are nothing.
Again I look deeper.
I won't look away.
I refuse to live a lie.
I will not live in denial.
I will not blame others,
Or anything of the sort for my problems,
My pains,
For to me,
My choices brought me to this moment,
Standing in front of this mirror.
I have the courage to look.
I have the will to change and evolve what I see that I do not like.
I have the wisdom to know what is real,
To me.
I look as deep as I can.
Again and again.
I do not beat myself up for my mistakes,
My flaws,
For I know I am human.
I learn from them,
I grow.
I keep looking.
And I do so,
With eyes of honesty.
When you look in the mirror,
What do you see?
Do you see the truth?
Do you dare?
Do you dare to do something about it?
Will you look?
Will you face the truth and evolve?
Or will you live a lie?
A life of excuses?
All of us.
Our choices brought us here.
Surely new ones can get us out.
Keep looking.
Go deeper.
Be honest.
And evolve.
Your only real enemy is in that mirror.
As is the only one that can save you.

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It's beautiful thank you for sharing! So wonderful to see you back, Sir Eric!

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I’m glad you liked it, and thank you kindly.
Have a beautiful evening.

This is beautiful. I love it. Great advice,too. Thanks for sharing.

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