Trying so hard to cope

I lost my Husband 3 years ago, and I was just starting to feel that I could go on. Then December 7 last year I lost my Son suddenly, 6 days before his 34th birthday. They live in the country and he was driving down a country road taking his 3 children to school. It had been raining, the roads were wet and it was foggy. He was a very careful driver. He never drove over 55 on that road even in good weather, and the speed limit was 70. So, I know he wasn't driving fast. The children didn't know what happened, there was no other vehicle involved and no witnesses. My Son was killed instantly, the children had a few minor injuries. They, of course, were wearing their seat belts, and so was my Son. The pick-up had hit a tree, then flipped over. Not knowing what happened, what caused it, is like living in a nightmare.

This is the hardest thing I have ever done.

I do have two other Sons and four other Grandchildren, but they live far away. They are the only things keeping me going.

dear crazy sad mom

how my heart goes out for u, its hard to loose a loved one and especially hard if its a child no matter how old they are.

thankfully in his children he will live on and although i no its not the same as having him it helps in time to see traits that are purely your son coming out in the next generation.

and im sure the other boys are good company but u will still have a gap where son number three took space, but in time that will get smaller as life is filled with other things

keep smiling it does get more bearable

as always loving thoughts and positive vibes

Domestic, thank you so much. It's really hard to believe that it will ever be more bearable. I hope that you are right. I feel him with me from time to time and that really helps. My other two Sons live far away so I don't see them often. We talk on the phone weekly though, and that helps both me and them. Thank you again for your very caring comment. Bless you.

crazy sad mom

my motherinlaw lost her child to a bike accident and although she had three other sons and a daughter it wasnt untill the grand children came along she perked up, one of them has his uncles colouring and quite a lot of his traits,

he was her favorite right up to the end of her days although she didnt show it we all knew that in the life she watched grow she was findin solace for the pain of losing her youngest boy,

like yourself she use to feel him around her and that all so gave her comfort.

it not a quick process and at some stage u might need to talk to others about what u are feeling but its good that u chat to the others weekly

as always take care and

lovign thoughts and positive vibes

My heart was touched by your story. I have several friends that have lost children. As they share their sorrow with me and we relive the memories we share, in my heart, I don't know how they do it.
All I know is that they all have told me they enjoy sharing the stories of their children with others that remember them....Its validation that they had left their mark in the world and in the hearts of friends and family.
Talk about your son with those who knew him and of course keep his spirit alive with your grandchildren. I wish I could give you a hug. No parent should have to endure this kind of pain. And yet, our heavenly father is always there to listen, even when no one else is.
Take care of yourself, sweet woman. I will be praying for you.