Trying to assess what I am doing right and wrong

I went out with my friend the other night and met a great guy. Well, I excused myself for a bit and then never came back to him. My friend said that she could tell he liked me, but maybe I gave mixed signals by walking away and never coming back. Though, if he had an interest in me, wouldn't he have made another attempt to spend time with me.

I was really blaming myself for this one, but now I am looking at it so differently. I think that if a man is into you, then he will make more of an effort. Though, one of my male friends said that if he is talking to a girl and she excuses herself and never comes back, then that's a sign to him that she's not interested. I really didn't think that I needed to find him at the event again and attach myself to him so to speak. He could have casually approached me again, right?

So, my sweet loving friend made friends with him on facebook, because they already knew one another from a few other events. And, she thinks that I should become friends with him as well. I am so traditional in the sense that I think a guy needs to make the first move. If he's into me then he'll find me.

I am only bringing this up for future reference, because I want to make sure that it's not me and that I'm not doing something wrong. I don't want to keep repeating the same mistakes.

I think in this case, if you were interested you should have hung around, but then again he could have hung around too. Look you have a mutual friend why don't you just let her let it slip to him - that you were interested.

Maybe do the facebook thing. I don't, but that's just me because there are people who invite everyone to be their friends on facebook so that could be a nothing signal for him.

But next time you run into him, and you will run into him (maybe accidently on purpose, if you are interested enough..haha) just be a massive flirt and pretty obvious..."hey I like you, you must now ask me big fool"...kinda thing. He'll get it.

Who knows maybe by keeping that "air of secrecy" about you, the next time, he sees you and gets he, he will be so blown away that he will be delighted for days after. It's all about the thrill of the chase for boys.

And don't worry about this, there is no great damage here done at all.

Love to you
Moongal x

Your comment made me laugh out loud; "hey I like you, you must now ask me big fool". Too good. You are so right, I really do need to give off more hints, because I suppose that walking away and never coming back doesn't give off a big "I like you" vibe. Lesson learned. I am sure I'll run into him at some point and when he becomes friends with my friend on facebook, then maybe I can become friends with him. Is this really what its come to these days...facebook and online dating?!?! I miss the good ole days of meeting people through people and when dating was a lot simpler.

Yep. If you ever saw "he's just not that into you" and Drew Barrymore's rant about emailing, and my space, and blackberry's and answering machines, it was funny.

Exactly and when you run into him again, just be a big flirt and sure he'll be mad after ya.

You're doing great hun, loving the positivity
Love to you x

Yes! I have seen that movie numerous times as I have it recorded and watch it when I need a good laugh. I have quoted Drew Barrymore's line to my girlfriends, because it's beyond true these days.

I will absolutely seize the moment and day should I run into him again. Thank you so much!