Trying to deal with my son who has BPD. From others who suf

Trying to deal with my son who has BPD. From others who suffer, what have you found most helpfjul? I get blamed for everything wrong in his life and he gets so mad it scares me and him.

Hi and welcome to SG and the BPD group. I think it is admirable that you are seeking support for dealing with your son and there are 100's of groups here on SG. There is also a group for Friends and Family of BPD that you might want to join, we are also here for you. I hope you can find the help and support you are looking for and I want to say that you have landed in a very caring and supportive atmosphere here. Has your son been in therapy for BPD? Best!

Thank you for responding. He has been in limited therapy for years on and off. Hard to find the right person to deal with his issues. He had a TBI 3 years ago and now appears to have suffered emotion regulation issues. In short, he thinks he has PTSD and getting him to therapy has been hard. He is so alone and hurting. I am scared and have been trying to support him but I am his biggest hate at times yet I am the one who supports him the most. I am just scared and desperate to find him some therapy, I know many therapists shy away from this diagnosis and he has medicaid now so that really limits his resources. I would be willing to pay out of pocket if that would help. Thank you.

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@kbrien3@GMAIL.COM You may be able to find help for him through one of these sources: type in your zip code and then look at the column on the left side of page for therapists. Hope this helps.

I was in DBT therapy. It helped a ton. I had to go through an organization called Leigh Valley ACT. I'm not sure where you are at and what they offer, but I would at least look into this kind of therapy

Thanks to both of you. We are in Maryland and I am having a hard time finding good therapists.

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