Trying to Manage

It has been such a huge couple of days. My partner was in a severe car accident putting him in hospital. We spent 8 hours in the ED before he was finally admitted. I have stayed by his side the whole time, I'm so tired and can't function well at work today. Sometimes it feels like things just don't seem to go the way I planned. Have been trying so hard to be strong for him but I'm so exhausted and trying to keep my head up but why do I feel so disorientated and confused about my everyday activities at times. I often wonder what I am doing, why am I here?? Sometimes I even wish that I could just be somebody else for the day.

I just hope everything gets better quickly. Was great to touch base with my Psychologist again after such a long time. Sometimes I wonder what I would do if I didn't have her support.

I totally understand. I love my therapist too. I hope your partner gets better and I hope you can take some time to get the much needed rest you deserve

Thankyou, yes she has helped me through some really awful times. Never had anyone invest so much time and care into my wellbeing.

that feels great i bet for me it does too! hopefully logging on helps too :)

Logging on definately helps, even if you have not much to say there is always someone else who could benefit from a little support.

How have you been travelling?? :)

I am new and am looking for help