Trying to quit

I have been addicted to sex for many years.mainly cyber. Every boundrie I have set for myself has been crossed. I want to stop before it wrecks my marriage.My wife has been very patient with me.She knows all about my problem. I want to quit for my wife and my son. Who are good people, and deserve a dad ,husband that doen't do this stuff. I am open for all suggestions or ideas.

Welcome to, I admire you for your courage in reaching out for a HAND UP, do look around at the others posts & advice that has helped others here as they battle this unfortunate addiction, you may find something useful that you havent tried or thought of. Counseling would be wise if affordable as they would be capable of offering good alternatives for behavior modifications/treatment & in getting to the bottom of whats really going on. There are no quick answers/fixes as in any addiction & will take alot of patience on your part.

Sometimes things directly/indirectly start forming ones behavior due to the way one is raised, genetic links if applicable, traumatic experiences, so you've made a good decision to start so as to not pass this on to the next generation that will open up a whole other can of worms later in life. We're here to listen/talk with if & when you feel like it.

Take care of you, one day at a time.


I'm not sure what is causing the hormones in your body to rise or if it's that you are unable to control it is a serious issue.

If a person is not able to control their thoughts, body and they think of other people sexually it could very well ruin a happy relationship.

You can seek Counseling, or speak to a mental health doctor and speak openly about your situation and then there is "will" you have to understand that if it controls you it could wreck your life and you have a good thing going with a woman and kid

Hi tcat62,

I will suggest you reading about your problem. This is helping me a lot to understand and forgive myself because of my addiction. Today is the 7th day I'm clean. I almost lost everything I really loved because of my addiction.
Here is the article the encouraged to start my process In the sane place you will find other good ones.