Tumor in Cecum, Please Help My colonoscopy showed a tumor

Tumor in Cecum, Please Help

My colonoscopy showed a tumor in my cecum. The tumor is unobstructive as it is thin, 3 cm long by 3 mm thick. The biopsy with cold forceps during the colonoscopy showed no sign of cancer. The tumor is firm to hard.

I believe the tumor is scar tissue on the outside wall of the cecum due to robotic surgery 18 months ago. There is an incision in this area from the robot, I started having pressure in this area right after the robotic surgery and I had significant bleeding after the surgery.

The radiologist did not see anything in this area from the CT scan. The surgeon said there may be scar tissue there, but it was difficult to tell. He only noticed this on the CT scan because he knew exactly where to look.

The surgeon I have gone to wants to do another colonoscopy so that he can see for himself where exactly the tumor is, feel it and take more biopsies.

After the colonoscopy he wants to do surgery to see if it is cancerous and take out whatever is cancerous.

Two questions:
1. Has anyone else had a similar situation? Is there a way to tell whether this is scar tissue without surgery?
2. Who is the best colorectal surgeon? I want to go to the best in case I have a major problem.

Thank you all in advance.


Are you going to do another colonoscopy to find out? have you gone to a second opinion to cover all bases? please keep us updated, we are here for you.

After the thin tumor showed up in my cecum during the first colonoscopy, I went to an oncological surgeon. He ordered the CT scan that did not show a tumor or scar tissue on the outside of the cecum wall. He then sent me to a colorectal surgeon who thinks it is a rare type of tumor that forms in the wall since it is so thin, only 1/8 inch thick by 1.5 inches long and firm. The colonoscopy is scheduled for the end of this month. The colorectal surgeon was going to see if he could use a different scope and try to get a sigmoid ultrasound to the cecum. I do not think he was able to arrange this. The ultrasound would tell whether it was scar tissue or a tumor. After the colonoscopy he would do surgery to take out the tumor, cecum or ascending colon, whatever needed to be done. I was trying to avoid the surgery with the ultrasound. I am also trying to find anyone who has had this thin tumor in their cecum.

I was diagnosed with rectal cancer in 2013. Had the surgery and chemo and radiation. They just had my mad,ears go from a .5 to a.8 so I had a pet scan. The scar tissue showed cancer the next step is an MRI with and without contrast. My surgeons are at nyu. I would recommend them. If you need to ask anything that you think I can help you with my e-mail is [email protected]

@Kevin Thank you. What are “mad.ears”? The cancer is actually in the scar tissue?