Tw: graphic-ish depiction of suicide and emotional abuse/man

tw: graphic-ish depiction of suicide and emotional abuse/manipulation.

name: "bones"

of the 206 bones in my body
there is not one i wouldn't break for you
i'd jump from a plane,
stand in front of traffic,
or take the death penalty,

all for you.

but what would you do for me?
you'd be the one
to break the bones.
you'd be the one
to inflict the pain.

i bear it for you.

i walk on a broken ankle,
crippled, but mobile,
and i hold onto you for support.
but you're the one who broke it.
you need me to need you.

i ignore it for you.

i sit, losing myself,
while you thrive on my suffering.
you burn with excitement
every time you hear the sickening
crack of my bones.

i do it all for you, right?

what you weren't ready is for
when the sound of my bones
isn't metaphorical
but real.

i did it for you.

when i finally can't walk anymore
and i decide to let myself fall
and fly free
to the ground
where my bones snap

and i die for you.

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Ian - it sounds like you are in an abusive relationship.  Are you?  Please talk to us and let us know what is going on. 

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@kisobel i am currently not in any relationship, but this is a depiction of relationships i have been in before. thank you for your concern though. :slight_smile: