So I'm three years sober. My cravings are still very real, and what's worse are the dreams. The relationship I tried so hard to hang onto during my addiction and through his addiction I think has finally come to an end. I got news from him the other day that he is terminally ill. He has contracted Spinal Meningitis. Scary. He got it from banging meth. Whatever it was cut with carried the bacteria. I'm really struggling and wanting to use bad. I miss him and love him dearly but where do i go now. I've come to terms with loosing him loosing us really but how do I cope with yet one more loss. It's devastating.

Hi Erinharper, Welcome to SupportGroups.com . Congratulations on 3 years! What have you been doing during this time to stay sober? Have you been attending any type of meetings like AA or NA? If so, then I suggest beefing up your meetings and talking to your sponsor. If you have not been attending meetings then I suggest checking them out. You can also find online meetings here http://www.stepchat.com/ . Please also keep sharing with us and letting us know how you and your friend are doing. I will say a prayer for you both. ((((hugs))))