Two questions Humira Financial Assistance

Firstly is there anyone else here that was taking Humira before being diagnosed with HL?

Second question: are there any programs/grants to help with the costs of everything that medical insurance/prescription insurance doesn't cover? This would be things like all the over-the-counter "supporting meds" for side effects of drugs, heating blankets, gas to docs/hospitals (60 miles one way), hospital meals, loss of income due to caring for patient, etc.

I am just starting to research this and it looks like there are several programs out there. My great aunt told me to start with a visit to a social worker through my local hospital. She was able to get quite a bit of financial assistance during her fight with cancer for both medical and living expenses.

I am also going to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Societies Light the Night Walk this evening. I will gather some information while there and post anything worth wild when I get back home.