Two weeks

OK so i have finally reached a mark in being sober. Two weeks clean. But for some reason i still think about smoking and drinking all the time. No lie. I don't know what the problem is. I mean there was a chance just a few days ago that i could have smoked and i just walked away but as i was walking away i was kinda wishing i would have stayed. But then i remembered my parents and how i want them to be proud of me and i kept walking. Why do i still have all these cravings? I walk past the liquor cabinet and i want to go get the key. I see people smoking and i want to join. I just want these feelings to stop. I wanna be able to be around it and not want it. Will this awful craving feeling ever end :/?

And to make things harder. My brother is supposed to be my right hand man me and him we're going to try and be sober together but he still smokes and drinks when were gone he has parties and its noticeable because he spills beer in the fridge. And when he leaves his pot out on the table i hide it i pick up the mess and cover up for him. and i know that if that were me messing around still with drugs and alcohol he would be so pissed at me. Why is he so hypocritical? why does he make sure i stay clean while he still goes out and dose drugs with his friends?

I'm so confused :/

keep strong I have a friend and she has been trying to stop as well. I almost find it best to stay away from her. I myself had a slip but still want to quit. It's just hard to fill my time with other things. It's also hard on those tough days. )

Hi NotLookingBack, Congratulations on 2 weeks. That is great. As time goes by, the cravings should go away. It can be rough in the beginning. You have to keep doing this for yourself and no one else. Your brother has to be willing to do this for himself. Keep hanging in there and taking it one day at a time. It will get better. Keep us posted on how you are doing. ((((hugs))))