Ugh anxiety. My neighbor/close friend cancer treatment start

Ugh anxiety. My neighbor/close friend cancer treatment started and I am so anxious. I hate this restless feeling . Helping as much as we can though. Not buying anything though. I feel like I’m
Obsessed with savings now because I want to feel secure , like money will stop this from happening to us.

So sorry about your neighbors illness. Very kind of you to help out.

Look around your house for items you can make into a chemo care bag for her.  Warm socks, some sample size lotions, a few books, hard candy and a lap blanket are all great to include.  

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@CKBlossom thank you for asking. He just completed his first week of chemo. He is doing as well as can be expected. We have raised a bunch of money for his family and used some of savings(which I’m proud I have) to pay for cleaning of their home until the end of the summer. I’m profoundly being pushed to live. Big and small things .Like to decorate how I want to and be done Instagram of worrying I’m not a tv show house. To wear what I want to. Yo run with just a sports bra when it’s really hot and not apologize for my post two baby body. To slow down and hear every story my four year old tells. To give my husband extra kisses. To set boundaries in toxic relationships. Things are very sad but very vivid.

I am very sorry for your friend, Vivi. I commend you for not wanting to go on a spending binge & feeling you should hold onto your $ for important ventures like savings. I just suggest, & I'm guilty of this myself, that you not worry or stress and not let your finances overrule your time & your wanting to help your friend. Sometimes it's best just being there 4 them.

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@PzicKaUsT this is very insightful advise. I have to let go of obsessing about that I will slip and checking accounts constantly. Now is a precious time to do it