Ugh, I've been in a super cynical mood. Every time I see fri

Ugh, I've been in a super cynical mood. Every time I see friends, or strangers for that matter, being in love, being sweet to each other, having fun together, being kind of considerate to their partners I get totally cranky and... cynical. I need an island vacation. (Or just a full night of sleep. Sick baby is taking a toll.)

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So right there with you. It's so much worse at this time of year with the holidays coming around. Ugh.

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cynical?....maybe just jaded. How are you doing generally speaking? is your husband of boyfriend helping you out with your baby? maybe you just need some rest

@Ck80211 Yes, jaded is the word. Not really cynicism. The crappy husband is, always been, a great daddy. That’s why we still live together. I am deeply grateful for his coparenting. But I still need that rest from alllll of this mess. (As previously stated, rest is best obtained on an island in the sun. Science says so I’m pretty sure.)

maybe margaritas and hammock would do you some good

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or at least a spa day....and pampering

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@skhc my safe place is the person I have to protect myself from too. By all accounts my WH is being sincere with his new commitment to me and our marriage BUT how does one fully ever know that? It is so unbelievably hard to know what is real any more.

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It sucks that our safe person/place is the very one that caused the pain. This is such a mind bender for me! So twisted

The sick baby slept well last night finally. I got six consecutive hours of sleep, plus another 90 minutes after that. I haven't been this well rested in weeeeeeeks.
And I'm still exhausted. It's getting harder to fool myself into thinking that staying together is sustainable. That twisting you're talking about, Betrayed & skhc, it's like being a towel that's getting wrung out tighter & tighter.

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