I have been on and off with cutting. it started when I was twelve, I'd feel very agitated and annoyed for sometimes no reason. Lately, with sooo many problems going on in my life, it almost seems like I want to turn back. I'm keeping my faith strong and making sure how to spot and stop the urge to do it but it gets harder the more problems emerge. same with the old cocaine addiction, I just feel it all coming back. I know I'm strong, I know I can do this.

reaching out, way to go! Just getting through the days can be hardest sometimes when you have old habits that were killers of us (or wanted to be). Play the cocaine tpe through, it wasn't that fun and remember all the negatives of that,a nd I pray you do not think about cutting yourself. There is no solution there, it relieves nothing and the problems you are facing will still be problems and still there but now you will have another one too and the feelings that cripple that go along with it.
Keep praying and read your Bible, try Isaiah 54, it is helping me so much, along with the psalms, 23, 91. When all my stuff hits I have God also and there are a lot of people who don't have Him to lean on. So count your blessings there purplediamond8, that helps too, all the good things in your life right now no matter how small.
Remember share it and it takes some of the power out of it, doesn't it?
We are all here to support eachother anyway we can.
I pray your situation fades away,
a friend

wow, thank you so much, I really appreciate those words and you have no idea how much it means to me for someone to reach out even though it’s through the internet. thank you, i’ll grab my Bible right now and pray. :slight_smile:

wow! let us know if it works!