Um. Hello. This is a first for me. It has taken 20+ years

Um. Hello. This is a first for me. It has taken 20+ years to realize I have a problem with spending money. And the last 3 to realize that I have really put my marriage in jeopardy. I have periods where I am very good at saving money, and then it all goes by the wayside. I haven't been able to find any support groups in my community. So if anyone has any ideas about where I can find online self help / other, it would be very much appreciated. I honestly don't know what is the next step I should be taking. Thanks.

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Hi there and thank you for joining this group! You're not alone and I can completely relate to having periods of being very good at saving money and other times when I get out of control with spending. In terms of resources, there's Debtors Anonymous which does phone call, zoom and in person support groups for people struggling with creating debt and spending and it's an anonymous support group where you can search by state or city.

In terms of my own tips that I use that have helped greatly for my own shopping addiction, I recommend keeping an expense tracker journal and keep track of every single purchase big or small to take accountability for shopping. The next tips are to reintroduce yourself to your hobbies to distract yourself from shopping: I exercise, bake desserts, cook meals, do artwork or give myself an at home facial and do my hair. There's a self-help book that I really like called "To Buy or not To Buy" that's very helpful in terms of understanding emotions and shopping addiction. Blocking and unsubscribing to online stores marketing emails helps a lot in terms of freeing my mind from instant needs to shop when I see a sale in my email inbox. Running errands with cash or a debit card helps a lot because its "real money" which automatically creates a budget that makes it harder to splurge and go over budget like with a credit card. Can you see a therapist that's covered by your insurance? I think that could be a good step too in terms of working through feelings or stressors that might be driving you to shop. I think that you can make it through this with your own strength, these steps and also creating your own steps too that you feel work for you in managing any shopping impulses. I hope this helps and keep us posted if you like!

@MiniMeltdown07 Wow! Thanks for all of this. It is very much appreciated. Some of these I have taken steps in already. Others were new and make perfect sense. Will definitely be posting more here for advice as I work my way through this.